Swap tedious form-filling for personalized experiences.

Increasing both customer engagement and data collection for an all-around improved customer journey.

Conversational Landing Pages to grow your sales

Converse with your customers through perfectly targeted dialog funnels that are engaging and interactive. Provide highly personalized experiences to your customers.

Collect valuable consumer data

Use Conversational Landing Pages to gather vital consumer information and build customer profiles.

Provide relevant and personalized shopping experience

Use the data collected to create personalized and highly relevant offers to your customers.

Create powerful Conversational Landing Pages

Easily create brand or product-specific Conversational Landing Pages to engage with your customers. Use dialogs to create meaningful impressions.

Use gamification to boost engagement

Offer gamified experiences in your dialogs with your customers. Games and quizzes can drastically boost the engagement and response rates.

Build long-lasting relationships with your customers

No matter, if you’re targeting existing or new customers, starting a conversation is the first step in building trust for a lasting relationship. Conversations can be helpful in lead activation, customer onboarding, loyalty, upselling among others.

Build Conversational Landing Pages with customers in mind

DiALOGiFY platform ensures that every brand can achieve its business goals through conversational marketing. Our solution can be easily customized and will cater to all business needs.

Conversational Landing Pages on any device

Our Conversational Landing Pages can be accessed on any device – website, app, social media, or even by scanning a QR code in physical retail.

Brands that trust in DiALOGiFY

Main features of Conversational Landing Pages

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DiALOGiFY Conversational Landing Pages support X languages from around the world. Forget miscommunication; instead, speak to your customers in their language.

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Fully customizable

Whatever your needs, we have you covered. DiALOGiFY solutions are fully customizable to meet your business requirements. We will work closely with your team to ensure the best results.

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Store customer data

Collect and store your customer data to build powerful consumer profiles, facilitating your marketing efforts. Gather first-party customer data with ease.

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Smart marketing

Analyze the data acquired to make smart sales and marketing decisions based on real data about your customers.

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Interactive stories

You can create interactive communication with images and videos added to your chat landing pages to make them more engaging and fun!

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Scalable for growth

No matter how big or small your business is, use dialogs at any stage of the customer funnel and on any touchpoint.

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Realize O2O

Bridge offline to online by adding dialog QR codes on physical products to personally engage with the consumers from physical retail.

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Let your customers make purchases directly from the chat landing pages, ensuring a smooth customer experience without unnecessary distractions.

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Customer assistance

DiALOGiFY’s dedicated customer support will assist you at every stage, providing valuable insights into creating dialog funnels and maximizing their potential.

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Easy integration

Build your chat landing pages and integrate them easily with your existing platforms, such as WordPress, Mailchimp, and more!

What customers say about us

Urs Odermatt

“How to get even closer to the consumer”

Urs Odermatt, L’Oréal

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Urs Gerber

“The Dialogify chat dialogs are fast, easy, direct and personal”

Urs Gerber, Volvo Group (Schweiz) AG

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Andreas Trumpler

“Dialog automation belongs to the new era of conversational marketing”

Andreas Trümpler, Rimuss & Strada Wein AG

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Samuel Schuler

“We focus on personalisation as customer experience”

Samuel Schuler, SCHULER St. Jakobskellerei

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“Finally we do communicate directly with our end customers.”

Thomas von Allmen, TAVORA AG

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Sara Bätschmann

“Easy-going, expert and very personal advice and support.”

Sara Bätschmann, RIVELLA AG

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