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Personalize. Dialogue.

Connect and engage with your customers,
guide them to purchase, listen and
ultimately build relationships. 100% automated.

Get essential conversational automation for people interactions, at the right moment, anywhere.

Automate and combine chat, SMS, email, WhatsApp, online shops, websites, Google, social media and Metaverse to grow your business.


Where to dialogue?

Choose your touchpoints and combine the modules that best benefit your goals.

Humans prefer dialogues, so do brands

That’s why we developed our conversational software for you to grow sales and Customer Lifetime Value.

Stop the churn,
build relationships

and move towards subscription-based business models.

Initiate truly personalized and automated dialogues to humanize sales and marketing communication.

100% automated, in 100+ languages.

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Your Customers on center stage

Get a crystal clear view of your customers and offer them a personalized experience along their journey, depending on the touchpoint.

Customer At Center Stage

Engage in conversational journeys along digital and physical touchpoints to grow your business.

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Magic happens
when you connect your CRM with your online store

DiALOGiFY integrates seamlessly with your existing tech system, so you get value where you need it most.


We’re here for you even after you launch. Our dedicated success team handles reporting and ongoing optimization to help you continually increase your CLV through better customer relationships, e-commerce personalization, and referrals.

How do I start to dialogue?

Turn (paid) traffic into customers, faster

Improve customer and shopping experiences. There are so many ways to initiate dialogue with your customers online and offline, 24/7.

And generate up to 10x higher CTA scores.

Dialogify As Puzzle Piece In Your Martech Stack

You can introduce personalized customer experiences at any touchpoint: on products, billboards, landing pages, category pages, product pages, banners, webpages, Metaverse and more by simply adding a line of code or a QR-code.

Use AI, recommendations, and personalization across your entire platform, quickly and easily.

Go to real Use Cases

We work together with you

to design the best personalization strategy and automate your conversations. We combine bot dialogs, marketing automation, storytelling and implement best practice from the gaming industry.

Based on your goals and needs, matching them with our insights, we figure out how to most effectively use the DiALOGiFY framework on your existing platform to excite your audience.

It’s going to be a journey and we are your partner.

How am I doing this?

Brands that trust in DiALOGiFY

Create your Conversational Automation

The new era of marketing is about building relationships and is no longer just transactional.

Initiate personalised dialogue at relevant touchpoints to engage, guide to purchase and listen to your audience with our easy-to-use conversational framework.

Read our free playbook and get inspired!

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Free Download Guide to "Relationship Economy"

What customers say about us

Urs Odermatt

“How to get even closer to the consumer”

Urs Odermatt, L’Oréal

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Urs Gerber

“The Dialogify chat dialogs are fast, easy, direct and personal”

Urs Gerber, Volvo Group (Schweiz) AG

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Andreas Trumpler

“Dialog automation belongs to the new era of conversational marketing”

Andreas Trümpler, Rimuss & Strada Wein AG

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Samuel Schuler

“We focus on personalisation as customer experience”

Samuel Schuler, SCHULER St. Jakobskellerei

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“Finally we do communicate directly with our end customers.”

Thomas von Allmen, TAVORA AG

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Sara Bätschmann

“Easy-going, expert and very personal advice and support.”

Sara Bätschmann, RIVELLA AG

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