Guide To Purchase

Humanise the purchasing experience to overcome choice overload, fostering engagement through dialogue

Guiding your webshop visitors through the purchasing journey can result in massive growth in sales, fewer abandoned carts and less returns.

Elevate to a truly human-like conversational experience by integrating with Shopify.

Guide To Purchase


Welcome your visitors and provide them with an immersive shopping experience.



Product-Finder can increase conversion rates up to 5x

Less than 2% of first time visitors actually buy anything, engage them!

Emails count for over 70% purchase decisions made, re-engage!

50% of Sales are lost in the mid-funnel, initiate dialogue!

Sumit Jain
Head of Digital
Birkenstock India

Sumit Birkenstock

“At Birkenstock, we use DiALOGiFY’s services in many ways to best use customer sentiments to drive product awareness and brand stickiness.

We recently integrated the “Guide to Purchase” on our web store and we were able to mirror the in-store experience of complete product guidance to customers. This experience in the digital customer journey has resulted in improved conversion rates and session quality.”

At a glance

Providing an immersive purchase experience


  • Web & Chat Widget
  • Choice-Helper with 2-Clicks
  • Product & Personality Matcher
  • Personal Product Matcher Quiz
  • Collect Profile & Follow-up Messages
  • Easy 2-Clicks Re-Order
  • Profile & Sync
  • GDPR-Complient


  • Shopify
  • Klaviyo
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailchimp
  • Hubspot
  • GoogleSheets

Best for

  • eCommerce
  • Brand managers
  • Digital managers
  • Sales manager

Alternative to

  • Certainly
  • Live chat

Digitize your best Salesperson

DiALOGiFY’s Dialog Flows guide your customers through their shopping experience as your top-performing salesperson would by helping to find the most relevant products for them.

Conversational AI that knows your customers

DiALOGiFY’s conversational AI* asks customers the right questions, understands the customer’s needs, and proposes the relevant solutions to improve customer experience and purchase confidence.

Build trust through conversations

Eliminate the stress associated with online shopping by creating engaging dialogues with your customers. Learn more about your customers’ pain points and understand their needs.

Customer support around the clock

DiALOGiFY dialogues are available 24/7 and are easily integrated into your website, app, social media, and even physical retail to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Straightforward integration with your CRM

DiALOGiFY solutions can be easily integrated into your existing CRM (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Klaviyo or via Zappier) to further enhance existing customer profiles.

Recommend relevant products

Our AI-powered virtual salesperson will advise customers on the right products based on the answers selected by the customer and will also help them make confident purchasing decisions.

Brands that trust in DiALOGiFY

Dialogue Flow will

Better Results

Generate better results

By leveraging on enhanced customer profiles, you will be able to create relevant marketing campaigns and deliver them to the right audiences, achieving higher ROI and better sales results.


Drive conversion rate

By providing the most relevant options to your customers, you are sure to increase the conversion rates and reduce customer churn.


Increase customer loyalty

By listening to your customer’s needs, you will build stronger relationships and trust.


Engage with real consumers

Your customers are real humans who have different needs and problems that need solutions. Stop engaging with the masses; instead, personalize your approach.

Grow Sales

Grow Sales

By reducing the customer churn and strengthening purchasing confidence, your marketing activities will result in higher conversion rates.


Improve CLV

By knowing your customer, you will be sure to offer only the most relevant products, growing the customer lifetime value to your business.

How does it works to go live within 4 weeks?

1. You book a demo call with us

2. Together we choose the right modules that fit your needs

3. We set it up and ensure your digital Salesperson reflect your brand identity

4. Together we integrate DiALOGiFY Guide to purchase into your tech stack and go live

In case you’re wondering how it works, here is a live example by one of our clients.

Try DiALOGiFY’s Salesbot Guide to purchase

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