Word-of-Mouth Wonders: Discover how sweet gestures can transform customer loyalty

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In the fiercely competitive business landscape, maintaining customer engagement and loyalty is crucial. Innovative engagement strategies, like Helvetia Insurance’s chocolate gifting campaign via their mobile app, showcase how companies can significantly enhance customer relations and stimulate referrals. While DiALOGiFY was not involved with this specific initiative, our expertise lies in offering comparable dialog automation solutions that can be smoothly integrated into your existing business processes, boosting customer engagement and satisfaction.

Helvetia’s Customer Engagement Strategy

The Concept

Helvetia Insurance initiated a captivating campaign to express gratitude toward their customers and reinforce trust. The strategy was straightforward yet impactful: using the myHelvetia app, customers could send a chocolate bar accompanied by a personalized message to someone they appreciate. This thoughtful gesture not only improved the experience for existing customers but also introduced the brand to potential new customers via a positive, personal referral.


Download and Registration: Customers were encouraged to download the myHelvetia app and register. Personalization: Customers completed a form within the app to send chocolate, including a personal message to add a unique and memorable touch. Delivery: Helvetia handled the distribution of the chocolate along with the customer’s message, ensuring a seamless experience for both sender and recipient.

Learnings from Helvetia’s Campaign

  • Personal Touch: Including a personalized message amplified the emotional impact of the gesture, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Simplicity: The process was designed to be user-friendly, motivating a higher participation rate.
  • Brand Exposure: Each gifted item acted as a direct introduction to Helvetia, utilizing word-of-mouth to potentially attract new customers.

How to Implement a Similar Strategy with DiALOGiFY

Dialog Automation Setup

DiALOGiFY can assist in establishing a dialog system that encourages customers to engage in referral activities after a purchase.


Tailor messages and gifts to resonate with your brand and target audience. Whether it’s chocolates, gamification, or other thoughtful elements or gifts, we can incorporate a range of options.


Effortlessly integrate this system into your existing digital platforms, such as mobile apps or websites, to ensure a fluid user experience.

Data Analysis and Feedback

Use DiALOGiFY’s analytics tools to monitor engagement and adjust your strategy based on customer feedback and participation rates.


Are you prepared to elevate your customer engagement strategies? Choose DiALOGiFY as your implementation partner to utilize advanced dialog automation technology. With our support, you can seamlessly replicate and personalize campaigns similar to Helvetia’s successful chocolate gifting initiative, making your post-purchase phase more engaging and rewarding.

Join us at DiALOGiFY to start transforming your customer engagement today! By partnering with us, you ensure a dynamic and interactive customer journey that not only satisfies existing clients but also captivates potential new ones through innovative referral programs. Let’s make your customer relations sweeter than ever!

By implementing these strategies, you can create a memorable brand experience that drives loyalty and amplifies word-of-mouth marketing, ensuring your brand remains at the forefront of your industry.

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