Automated Dialogs and Gamification Promise a New Communication Experience for Events

Swiss Marketing Day – from ticket sales as a user journey, via chat dialogs before the event to live interaction with the audience, rounded off with timely event feedback. The participants had the new communication experience for events through automated dialogs and gamification.

Click here for the Demo Marketing Quiz and the Demo Chat Dialog, which could be started on a website, a social media post, and the flyer for the marketing day.

The ‘Swiss Marketing Day‘, which takes place annually in the KKL Lucerne, stands for top infotainment, sets strong impulses and, with about 1,000 visitors, is one of the most important events in the Swiss marketing scene; organized by the Swiss Marketing Forum.

And it is planned for the year 2020: a series of impressive speakers will each explain and debate one conference topic – this year the topic ‘Focus‘ – in lectures and breakout sessions. And the inspiring keynotes enrich the many participants with new insights for their daily work.

It goes without saying that the latest technologies in the field of marketing communication will be professionally presented at the Marketing Day. The event visitor is accompanied throughout the entire customer journey by Flokus – a digital assistant – and is thus offered a unique user experience.

Read on to find out what this looks like in concrete terms.


With an amusing ‘Which Marketing Type Are You?’ quiz, a social media post from the Swiss Marketing Forum attracts the user’s attention and, for the first time, involves him/her in a playful chat dialog.

Which type of marketer are you? Find out now.

Elsewhere, Flokus appears for the first time in a chat dialog. The starting point is the website, a social media post or a flyer from Marketing Day.

The target audience can open the chat dialog via a link. After a short welcome, Flokus leads users through the following topics:

  1. Getting in the mood for the Marketing Tag via video
  2. Organizational details of the Marketing Day (ticket prices, event times, travel, etc.)
  3. Information on the conference topic ‘Focus’
  4. Link to the ticketing page
  5. General questions

At the end of the dialog, the user may turn the virtual wheel of fortune and, with a little luck, win a prize that can be collected directly on-site on the Marketing Day.

Link to the chat dialog on the website, social media post and flyer from the Marketing Day.


All registered participants will receive a further link to a chat dialog after registration. In this chat, Flokus will thank you for the ticket purchase, and the visitor will be asked if he/she would like to be regularly provided with the latest marketing day content in the time before the event. If he or she answers in the affirmative, the dialog partner will find a chat link to a further dialog – as desired – in his or her email or SMS box around twice a week. In each of these chat dialogs, Flokus introduces a speaker if desired, even by means of a video sequence.


At last! It is a great feeling for the organizer when he works for months on a certain day, planning, organizing, extinguishing fires, delegating, producing and then being allowed to look into the enthusiastic faces of the guests.

During the panel discussion, the audience has the opportunity to call up another chat dialog and enter a question in the chat, which is transmitted directly on a large screen above the panel and can be picked up by the moderator. It is also possible to rate the discussion on a scale of 10 via the chat dialog.

Chat Dialog can be accessed on the website, social media post and flyer from the Marketing Day

The six keynote speakers, who were brought closer to the participants in the time before the event by means of chat dialog, are now, finally, going to make their big appearance. And yes, you guessed it: after their presentation, they too will be rated by the audience on their smartphones with a click.


Congratulations! The Marketing Day is history. The last guest has left the location and the dismantling work is already in full swing. But before we put our feet up, we have to tackle the post-processing of the event, because we all know after the event is before the event! Evaluation and analysis is an important part of any successful event management, and no feedback is more valuable than that of the guests. So it doesn’t need a big explanation that Flokus is now going into action one last time and feeling the pulse of the guests. With just three questions – in line with the NPS philosophy – Flokus garners feedback from the visitors. And, have you guessed what these three central questions are? Here you can find out if you are right with your assumption! This is the modern way to generate real insights in times of artificial intelligence or AI.


And as fate would have it, Marketing Day 2020 was one of the first major events that could not be held due to the coronavirus crisis. But as already mentioned above: after the event (2019) is before the event (in this case 2021). And we at DiALOGiFY are well prepared for the Marketing Day 2021!

Uwe, we are already looking forward to being your dialoge partner again next year!

Dialog Automation by DiALOGiFY covers the entire communication spectrum within the framework of an event: from the lead generation to ticket sales, to the preparation for an unforgettable event with conversations in real-time and an ideally scheduled feedback round afterwards.