How Does Unique Customer Experience Support Brand’s Competitive Advantage and Growth?

Unique customer experience differentiates your brand from the competition and makes sure your customers remember your brand. Excellent shopping experience may result in consumer loyalty, close relationship with the brand, and revenue in the long term.

For these reasons, it’s your job to ensure that shoppers have the best experience they can. Devaluing its importance is no longer an option, as the consumer’s voice continues to get louder and louder. 

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Today’s consumers are much more sophisticated, savvy, and spoilt for choice. They know that many options are available to them, and it is in your interest, as a brand, to ensure that they pick you for business. Even if they chose you now, you must make sure to convert them into loyal customers and your brand ambassadors for future purchases.  

Even though 90% of B2B executives agree that customer experience is crucial, many brands still forget its importance. Most brands treat their customers as a business and run away from making personal connections with them. Learning about people who engage with your brand is something that every business should do. Consumers don’t want to be seen as “money bags”; contrary, they want to be valued and seen as individuals with different needs and interests. 

This article will show you that an excellent and unique customer experience can give your brand a competitive advantage, increase revenue, and facilitate business growth. 

How can unique customer experience facilitate business growth? 

It goes without saying: happy customer equates to the successful growth of a business. It’s in every brand’s interest to make consumers delighted and make sure they feel valued and satisfied. Happy customers will repeatedly make purchases from your store. If your buyer is pleased with the service, product quality, and experience, they won’t go looking to shop elsewhere.

How does a brand know if its customers are happy and satisfied with the services received? Knowing what perception your customers have about you is crucial to sustaining your competitive advantage. Given today’s technological progress, your brand can have the answer really quickly. 

By employing simple, conversational feedback tools, you can find out who your biggest fans are and what issues you should address to increase their number. DiALOGiFY NPS Customer Feedback system allows you to analyze your shoppers’ experience, understand where the main problems lie, fix them and, therefore, drive your business growth forward.    

Employing dialogue and gamification, you will be able to converse with your customers one question at a time and receive desired feedback on their previous shopping experience with you. Long gone are the times where customers were keen on filling up long customer satisfaction forms; similarly, long gone are the days where brands needed to have large teams of people to analyze these answers and make sense of them. 

Having a system that reacts to answers and asks relevant subsequent questions in a natural dialogue flow, today, is the only way to maintain customer satisfaction and improve their experience. The best part is that this interaction will be consistent across different consumer touchpoints (website, app, physical retail store, social media, etc.) that your brand may have. 

It is in your brand’s interest to grow the number of happy customers, as they will become your ambassadors who will advocate and refer more customers to you. Keep in mind that word-of-mouth marketing brings five times more sales compared to paid advertising and that 92% of consumers trust recommendations made by friends. 

Moreover, by having an army of loyal customers who also are your brand ambassadors, you will achieve a competitive edge through industry leadership. Being an industry leader is an important marketing strategy in today’s competitive business nature. Being a leader means trust and quality – features that most modern consumers look for.  

Successful brands position their customers in the center

Being customer-centric is not only about providing a great product or having an attentive customer support team. Customer-centric brands live and breathe their customers and are heavily invested in offering relevant experiences. They run their business around their customers and know in and out who they are.

Today, many companies embark on the digital transformation journey, which is the first step needed to become more customer-centric. The digital transformation roadmap for many companies becomes too lengthy and complicated, making them lose their competitive advantage and face financial losses. 

However, customer centricity can come in multiple forms. A brand doesn’t need to digitalize overnight and can reach the final goal in numerous stages. A great start in a customer-centric approach would be to adopt new technology to gather feedback and build relationships with the consumers. Most companies capture consumers’ email addresses or phone numbers, which are more than enough to start building that relationship.  

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a universal system that allows you to assess your brand’s customer satisfaction. By asking three simple questions, you will be able to gauge the sentiment your customer base has towards you.

1. How likely are you to recommend [your brand name] to a friend or colleague?

(scale from 1 to 10; 1 being very unlikely, 10 being very likely)

2. What’s the main reason for your score?

3. What could we do better? 

The NPS system helps companies across all industries build consumer loyalty and drive growth. By having the answers, you will know the percentage of promoters and destructors. The higher the percentage, the more promoters your brand has, which also means that you’ll have to spend less on marketing. 

DiALOGiFY Customer Feedback system follows the NPS model. It will allow you to gather the information, comprehend and analyze it in order to find the best solutions required to grow your business further. 

What should your brand do to achieve a unique customer experience?

Even though the NPS system drives brands towards customer centricity, you should also take the necessary steps to become closer to your shopper. At DiALOGiFY, we believe that brands should engage in personalized ways, establish a two-way communication practice with the audience, and build on a constant listening path. 

Having your customers in the center means that your brand has to learn who the customers are. By knowing what they like, where they live, what they need, when they need it, you will be able to build a personalized approach to interaction with them. Chances are high your customers are busy, and they have no desire to hear about things that are not relevant to them.

Personalized communication is key to successful business growth. Even though some businesses manage to communicate with their customers on relevant platforms (website, social media, newsletters, ads, etc.), many frequently miss out on establishing a two-way conversation. 

The conversation is a dialogue, and brands keep failing at establishing it. A single-sided and self-centered email newsletter will hit the wall without much attention from your audience. Instead, develop an approach where your customer will have an opportunity to respond to your message. For example, create a campaign to learn more about your existing customers. 

When a new consumer converts or engages with your brand for the first time, they are searching for a specific solution. However, this solution may only solve an existing issue. It is in your brand’s interest to determine whether your consumer has any other pinpoints that would make them look for solutions from your competitor. The situations and circumstances change, so does your customers’ life cycle; you want to make sure to know what’s going on and address any changes that arise. 

After establishing a connection with your customers, ensure to be vigilant and hear what they are saying. If you asked questions and your consumers shared answers, make sure that you take them into account. Did the shoppers feedback that the packaging could be improved? Make sure to improve it. There is nothing more frustrating for the existing customers than seeing no improvement after suggestions that they gave.         


Excellent customer experience is crucial to your brand’s growth, competitive advantage, and industry leadership. It is an essential component of consumer trust and loyalty. Therefore, your brand should look for ways to continually improve your shoppers’ experience and address the issues that may prevent you from developing a stronger relationship with your audience. 

Having a strategy to build two-way conversations with your customers, gather and analyze the feedback given, create more robust buyer profiles and understand customers’ needs will improve the shopping experience and, therefore, give your brand a competitive advantage. Long gone are the days where brand-centricity was the way of making business; today, your consumer is the star in your successful business strategy.     

DiALOGiFY offers a unique customer experience management system that will benefit businesses in any industry. You can build communication hooks at every touchpoint, kick off the conversation, and know what your consumers think about your brand. Take into account their feedback on the main positive and negative aspects and leverage your further marketing and sales strategy on them.