Win new customers thanks to gamification

Note: At the end of this article there is a link to the wheel of fortune chat dialog.

Getting into a conversation with trade fair visitors

An exhibition stand is a big investment for a company, both in terms of budget and time. In order to make the effort worthwhile, the attention of the visitors must be drawn to it. It is important to arouse their interest and get into a conversation with them.

Trade fair visitors expect a special flair and experience factors. Infotainment is the keyword here.

Generate attention with a digital wheel of fortune

Those who stand out appeal to people and generate interest. That’s what we at Scoutsss said to ourselves and looked around for ideas for how we wanted to appear at the Innovation Lab at Swissbau – the largest Swiss construction trade fair. We then decided to restage the tried and tested wheel of fortune in the virtual world.

We used a two-metre high roll-up as an attention-getter. This showed an oversized smartphone as well as a guardian angel praline from Confiserie Bachmann that was up for grabs. Using a QR code, visitors to the fair were able to access the chat dialog with the digital wheel of fortune directly on their smartphones.

Collect visitor data & newsletter subscriptions with chat dialogs

In the chat dialog, visitors were first greeted by Melanie – a digital assistant – and asked for their name. In the further course of the chat, they had the opportunity to tap on the virtual wheel of fortune and secure a guardian angel praline.

Next, visitors could enter their email address directly in the chat dialog and receive further information by email and subscribe to the Scoutsss newsletter. And Melanie did not forget the link via LinkedIn in the dialog either.

The wheel of fortune used in the chat dialog can be designed in a highly customized way, both in terms of the design and the prizes to be won and the probability of hits.

Get and stay in contact

The virtual wheel of fortune has attracted exactly the attention we had hoped for. Accordingly, we are already planning to use the wheel of fortune dialog at further trade fairs.

The invitation to visitors to the fair to try their luck in the game is a good way of getting into a conversation with them.

And most of them also immediately pulled out their smartphones, scanned the QR code and started the chat dialog. In many cases, exciting conversations were already created when clicking through. Thanks to the contact data obtained, these conversations can be resumed and continued at any time in the digital world.

When is the next trade fair or event where you would like to get in touch with visitors in a playful way?

Click here for the wheel of fortune chat. Unfortunately, all guardian angel pralines are already raffled off and eaten up …