How gamification and incentives promote direct interactions with consumers

Note: At the end of this post you will find a link to the demo chat of this use case.

Via marketing quizz and dialoges to direct customer contacts

Rimuss, the ‘non-alcoholic champagne’ is known by everyone. The festive drink is available at almost all well-known Swiss retailers. However, since Rimuss & Strada Wein AG does not sell directly, it has only limited access to Rimuss consumers, at least until now. Recently, Rimuss & Strada Wein AG has successfully used the chat dialogs of Scoutsss, establishing direct access to its consumers and thus generating valuable information.

The Conversational Consumer Journey: Which Rimuss suits you?

As part of a social media campaign, a dialog landing page was created in order to get into conversation with consumers. One click is enough to start the chat dialog.

When the consumer starts the chat dialog entitled ‘Find your Rimuss flavour’, he is greeted in the chat by Isabel (a bot) and asked for his name. The customer can then find the Rimuss product that best suits him by answering a few simple questions within the chat dialog.

With the marketing quiz for product recommendation

Isabel welcomes you in a familiar mobile chat environment in your web browser and asks your name. Within a few questions, the perfectly fitting Rimuss variety is suggested.

Purchase activation thanks to discount voucher

And that’s not all. No, the customer journey moves on to the next phase, which ends with a shopping voucher from Coop for the next Rimuss purchase.

Adding Rimuss to your Bring! shopping list

In order to remind you of your purchase in good time, the Rimuss product suggested in the previous chat history is automatically added to your personal shopping list in the Bring! App.

A true #happymomentscustomerjourney!

A high degree of acceptance: collecting contact data via chat dialog is much more successful compared to a classic landing page

Automated chat dialogs enable companies to get to know their consumers in the first place and enter into a dialog with them. In practice, the use of incentives, for example in the form of a marketing quiz, has proven to be successful in getting many consumers to call up the dialog.

81% of the users who started the chat took part in the marketing quiz (Which Rimuss type are you?). This led to a product recommendation.

44% of users provided their contact details, 2:1 email/mobile number.

Click here for the Rimuss Demo-Dialog. The data you enter will not be forwarded to Rimuss.