Digital Customer Relations as an Important Component of Brand Management

Emmi has been involved in alpine skiing since the 2009/2010 season and has continuously developed this platform since then, with a focus on Swiss races. These include classics such as the giant slalom at the legendary Chuenisbärgli in Adelboden or the spectacular Lauberhorn run in Wengen. Who knew that such events are a great place to build digital customer relations?

How did the customer interaction work?

At the two race tracks and on-site, the lifestyle brand Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE will be in the spotlight. This also includes a promotional stand in the World Cup village. There, visitors to the race can taste the various Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE varieties or take part in a competition. This is the ideal moment to start a digital dialog with consumers and, in addition to talons, to collect feedback on the products.

The Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE competition offers attractive prizes such as VIP tickets for Crans-Montana, HEAD Skis, or a day of skiing with Wendy Holdener – Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE has become Wendy’s main sponsor for the 2019/2020 season.

Event visitors are attracted to the competition with the slogan ‘Scan & Win’. Scanning the QR code led directly to a chat dialogue with avatar Lisa. It is amazing how Lisa manages to collect all the personal data on the visitors’ mobile phones.

In addition to their name, address (with the support of Google’s automatic address suggestions directly based on the street input), and date of birth, even the contestant’s own email address is entered.

Just under half of the chat participants answer Lisa’s questions about the taste of a certain Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE variety. If consumers say that they have not yet consumed an Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE on that day, Lisa will ask them to do so at the Emmi promotional stand.

Before the user says goodbye, Lisa asks them if they would like to know anything else about the competition, Emmi or Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE. In effect, this is an integrated FAQ sequence in the chat.

If Lisa is unable to answer this question via a link to a corresponding website, she promises to send the user an answer to the question by email. One thing is clear: satisfied, informed customers appreciate the simple form of digital communication directly on their mobile phones.

What did Emmi achieve through building digital customer relations?

The combination of collecting contact data, customer engagement, and surveys makes the chat dialog unique.

In both Adelboden and Wengen, Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE has succeeded in encouraging several hundred consumers to engage in brand interaction through a digital competition. This is valuable in many ways:

  • Through the chat dialog, a mutual exchange between the customer and the Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE brand takes place. The brand is strengthened by this high level of customer-brand commitment among consumers.
  • Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE collects valuable customer feedback on individual flavours through the chat dialog.
  • Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE receives important customer data, which forms the basis for personalised and relevant communication.


There is an essential difference between conventional mass communication (1: many) such as a print advertisement or a TV spot and a specific 1:1 communication, where there is the possibility of genuine interaction! With conventional communication measures, interaction is possible but limited to a response element such as a form or a card.

With digital 1:1 communication, on the other hand, interaction capabilities are much greater.

In the current example, the digital conversation branches out and takes a different course depending on the user’s response. Or, by sending the consumer a question, Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE provides them with a personal answer tailored just to them.

This opens up enormous opportunities for cultivating the relationship between consumers and the brand. In the digital age, individual interaction will establish itself as an integral part of brand management.

And, by the way, Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE was not the only Swiss product to be very successful in Adelboden and Wengen. Daniel Yule won the slalom at ‘Chuenisbärgli’ in Adelboden. And Beat Feuz doubled up right away and took the victory on the spectacular Lauberhorn run for the third time after 2012 and 2018. A Swiss triple victory so to speak!

Click here for the demo chat dialog of Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE. The data you enter in the demo chat will not be forwarded to Emmi.