Events: Improve Visitor Interactions with Chat Dialogs and Get Live Results

What is a provider of Dialog Automation Services doing at Swissbau, the largest Swiss construction exhibition? What else if not facilitating chat dialogs… At first glance, this question may seem like a fair question, but if you look a little closer, it is clear that the topic of digitalization has long since found its way into more traditional business areas such as the construction industry, as the following example from the ‘Swissbau Innovation Lab’ shows.

The iRoom, implemented by IEU Kommunikation, formed the central element of the ‘Swissbau Innovation Lab’ as an interactive experience space. Here, up to eight digital shows were presented daily to show how the digital transformation is changing the construction industry. The area development ‘uptownBasel‘ served as a framework for six project teams to design one innovation project each in the run-up to the fair, which was then staged in the iRoom at the fair.

The visitors shortened their waiting time before the show with a short interaction and saw the live results.

“Watching and participating” means “getting involved”

Before the show, an oversized QR code was displayed in the auditorium. This code led the visitor via their smartphone to a chat dialog set up by DiALOGiFY. Nina, as a personalized bot, then asked visitors to give their opinions on the projects and become part of the iRoom community. Remarkably, all participants in the chat dialog without exception answered this question with ‘Yes’.

A large display made it possible to see in real-time which topics generated the most interest among the visitors.

Real-time digital interactions

Following the video presentations of the projects, a QR code was again displayed in the showroom to involve the visitors. About one-third of the visitors scanned this QR code as well and had a virtual conversation with Nina about one of the six projects. Afterwards they could join the iRoom community via LinkedIn and exchange ideas with the people behind the presented projects. They also had the possibility to enter their email address to get more information and stay in contact.

The user journey, optimally accompanied by interactive chat dialogs, at all kinds of events.

Chat dialogs bring an extremely high number of interactions

The results, in terms of the number of digitally conducted calls, have far exceeded the expectations of the organizers:

Placement of QR code plays a big role

One learning was that it is extremely important how and where the participants are asked to scan the QR code. In the use case shown, this was first done by means of a notice placed near the displayed QR code.

After the first performances, the organizers changed the placement of this displayed request and also adapted the text. Now the hint for scanning the QR code was placed directly above the live results of the survey, which led to a doubling of the chat participants.

Relevance and placement are crucial

More about the iRoom in the Swissbau Innovation Lab:

Use of Chat Dialogs

Before the show:

Click here for the chat dialog where you can give your opinion on each project and become part of the iRoom community.

After the show:

Join Nina in this chat dialog to discuss any of the six projects, join the iRoom Community, interact with the people behind the projects, and get more information.